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Tassimo T40: How to make the perfect cup of coffee at home

There’s no getting away from the fact that in recent years we have become a nation of coffee lovers

2Where the Americans once led the way with their obsession with the bean, and the French and Italians were the only ones who seemed to know the trick of making a cup of coffee just perfect each time, today we Brits are now fully signed up members of the international coffee club.

Whether it is buying a cup from you local independent coffee shop or from the many great chains that have come onto our high streets all over the country in recent years, it is now fairly easy to get a good quality cup of coffee wherever you live.

When it comes to making a quality brew at home though, things can be a little different. Partly it can come down to whether you can get hold of good quality beans, but with the internet you can pretty much buy from anywhere and get them delivered to your door.

Otherwise it really depends on how you choose to go about making your coffee. Some people swear by little stove top espresso makers, others by the cafetière or ‘French Press’ process, and some even just get by with a spoonful of ‘instant’!

But there’s really no excuse for not having the perfect cup of coffee at home no matter how you like it.

The Tassimo T40 machine has a classic design that makes any kitchen look chic, but more importantly it is packed with features that means it makes the perfect cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

It has a special ‘intelligent technology’ that works by way of reading barcodes printed on little ‘pods’ that contain coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Because each of these drinks requires different amounts of water, time and temperature to make the perfect cup, the machine reads the information and goes about its work accordingly.

Thanks to another bit of modern wizardry, namely the ‘flow heater technology’, there’s virtually no heat-up time so you can brew your favourite drink right away. More than that, the innovative tech also switches off immediately after each brewing cycle, meaning that it is energy efficient with very low levels of consumption.

Although there have been many coffee maker machines before, nothing has quite been designed to tackle the job in such a simple and stylish way before, and with such great results.

Whatever you preferred style, be it Latte, Cappuccino or Americano, there’s a pod for every taste and thanks to the XL water tank no matter how many friends you have round no one will be waiting long for their perfectly made cup.

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