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Summer of British Food

British food has a bad reputation within the international community and often comes in for a lot of criticism. But with the London 2012 Olympics and all eyes on the UK, with an expected 13% increase in tourists, now is the time to set the record straight.

With influences from all over the world, the UK offers such a great variety of food it is hard to suggest what visitors should try. My advice to get those taste buds tingling would be simply to taste as much as possible. But if you want something traditionally British this summer, then you must try the summer fruits. British strawberries and raspberries are among the very best in the world and are great to have as part of a bigger dish or on their own.

There also plenty of fresh seafood you could try. You could go for something adventurous such as squid, crabs or scallops, or you could go with perhaps Britain’s favourite dish, Fried Fish and Chips, making sure you add plenty of salt and vinegar.

If you are more of a meat eater then why not enjoy a summer Barbecue. It’s what the Australians are famous for, but the Brits do it just as well, if not better. You can stick almost anything on a barbecue, and it will taste slightly different to any other method of cooking. Try sausages, chicken and burgers or even barbecue fruit like apples or bananas.

If you just can’t decide what to have then why not pick up a hamper? We usually think of these as christmas gift hampers, but Clearwater Hampers provide something for every occasion, including a selection of the best Britain has to offer.

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